Founder, Owner and Chief Operating Officer of the Paradiso Agency. With thirty years of experience in the sector, he realized the need for an honest, ethical and efficient service that was lacking in the city. He mainly deals with the development of ceremonies in the regional context, with particular attention to the good organization of all phases of the ceremony, to the relationship with the customer and to the supervision of the quality of the service, a distinctive feature of our agency.


Floral Designer and Development Manager of Our Company in the so-called second generation needs. Leveraging the preparation in International Relations and Territory Development has expanded the offer to the customer and streamlined and renewed the bureaucratic procedures, weaving close relationships with entities and suppliers that now give users the opportunity to relate through our offices directly with the main crematoria and necrological bodies of the regional and national panorama.


Responsible for internationalization, logistics and training. As a business representative in the field, he had to acquire specific and certified skills in Thanatopractic techniques, applied sectoral linguistics and bureaucratic procedures international, collaborating with private users, insurance representatives, law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, embassies, Religious representations. This development made the Paradiso Agency the first in Sardinia to operate simultaneously on multiple continents.


Customer relations, business management and development, relations with other local and international companies.

On us

From Nuoro to Argentina they never left us alone, we were in contact every moment and we knew where our loved one was.

Roberta - Buenos Aires

We were amazed by the care and delicacy with which the body was prepared, even at that moment could assist with dignity and not leave our loved one.

Giuseppe - Nuoro

In this agency we were able to find everything that was necessary for the funeral in a single contact, from flowers, to furnishings for the Cemetery, up to the preparation of the documentation for the succession. They are professionals as well as human ...

Roberta - Nuoro

They helped us prepare everything for the repatriation to Senegal of a dear and young friend of ours according to the trappings of his Muslim faith ... we have maintained contacts and a good friendship.

Serigne - Dakar

Nobody could explain in English what we had to do .. we were in a panic ... luckily we found a person in the Agency who could act as our interpreter and resolve our doubts.

James - Londra